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Putting the drops directly into the eye allows the framycetin to act directly on the bacteria that are causing the infection.
Soframycin does this by causing the bacteria to produce defective proteins that are toxic to them.
Soframycin eye drops are administered into the eye to treat various types of eye infection, caused by various types of bacteria.
Soframycin eye drops contain the active ingredient framycetin sulphate, which is a type of medicine called an aminoglycoside antibiotic.
Soframycin is available in drop and eye ointment form.
Soframycin is indicated to treat bacterial infections of the eye, such as conjunctivitis.
Soframycin is indicated to treat infections caused by bacteria.
Soframycin works by killing the bacteria that are causing an eye infection.
This belongs to the group of medicines known as anti-infective eye preparations.

Soframycin is indicated for:
- Ulcers on the front part of the eye (corneal ulcers);
- Preventing infection in people having a foreign body removed from the eye;
- Bacterial infections of the eye, such as conjunctivitis, infection of the eyelids (blepharitis), styes, or infected burns or corneal abrasions;


Soframycin is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions:
- Do not use Soframycin for longer than indicated by your doctor;
- If you have ever had an allergic reaction to this or any other medicine;
- If you wear soft contact lenses;
- Known sensitivity or allergy to any ingredient;
- Seek medical advice immediately if your symptoms get worse at any point during treatment, or if you think you have new infection;
- Soframycin eye drops are sterile until opened Any remaining medicine should be carefully disposed of four weeks after the first opening, as it is likely to be contaminated You may find it helpful to write the date of first opening on the packet;
- The eye drops may cause your vision to blur temporarily after you have applied them into your eye Do not drive or operate machinery until this has worn off;
- This medicine must not be taken by mouth;
- Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, it is important that you finish the indicated course of this antibiotic medicine, even if it seems the infection has cleared up Stopping the course early increases the chance that the infection will come back and that the bacteria will grow resistant to the antibiotic;
- When using the eye drops you should take care to not touch the tip of the dropper to any surface, or to your eye, in order to avoid contaminating the medicine;
- You should not wear contact lenses while you are using Soframycin eye drops;


Do not take Soframycin with any of the following drugs:
- At first, the drops should be applied every two hours As the infection improves, you can reduce this frequency down to four times a day;
- Be careful to use separate towels to other members of your household;
- Do not use more often, or for a longer period than your doctor has directed;
- Do not wear soft contact lenses while your eyes are being treated with Framycetin;
- Eye infections can cause the eyes to become more sensitive to sunlight Wearing dark glasses may help prevent this;
- If only one eye is infected care must be taken to avoid spreading the infection from one eye to the other;
- If using eye ointment alone, it should be applied three or four times a day;
- If you are using any other eye drops or eye ointments, leave at least five minutes between applying each preparation;
- If your symptoms do not improve within a few days or if they become worse, check with your doctor;
- Soframycin are for external use only If you suspect someone has swallowed any, contact your doctor or go to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital Always take the container with you, if possible, even if empty;
- Strict attention to hygiene and cleanliness is important to prevent the infection spreading;
- This preparation are for you Never give it to others even if their condition appears to be the same as yours;
- Try not to miss doses If you do miss a dose, then apply the missed dose as soon as possible;
- Use Soframycin exactly as directed by your doctor or pharmacist;
- When the eye appears normal again, there may still be some bacteria present It is important to continue using Framycetin for a further 48 hours after the eye appears normal, to ensure that all of the bacteria have been killed;
- Your doctor may have indicated drops to be indicated during the day and ointment for use at night;

Side Effects

Soframycin side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Dermatitis;
- Eye irritation;
- Eye stinging or burning;
- Itching;