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Netromycin is an antibiotic class drug that inhibits protein synthesis in several types of susceptible bacteria. Netromycin is a strong antibiotic and Netromycin only be employed in the case of severe bacterial infections.
Netromycin not be prescribed for the treatment of minor infections in order to prevent the development of bacterial resistance to the medicine.
Netromycin is usually prescribed for patients that are suffering from contagious infections caused by bacteria susceptible to this type of medication. Such medical conditions as:
- Endometriosis;
- Lower respiratory tract infections;
- Peritonitis;
- Septicemia;
- Urinary tract infections;
may be treated with Netromycin, and, in some cases, even severe infections affecting bone and soft tissue may be effectively treated by use of this pharmaceutical product. Your personal health care professional may provide you with further information regarding your prescription if you have been recommended a treatment course with Netromycin.

Side Effects

Netromycin may cause a number of side effects in patients following a treatment with Netromycin. In most cases, the symptoms will only be temporary and as the organism adjusts to the medication, they will disappear. However, at times you may experience more persistent side effects. These may range from mild to severe, and may include:
- Appetite loss;
- Burning or numbness in various parts of the body;
- Clumsiness;
- Dizziness;
- Hearing disorders;
- Nausea;
- Ringing of the ears;
- Seizures;
- Thirst increase;
- Tingling;
- Uncontrolled twitching of the muscles;
- Unsteadiness;
- Urination frequency and volume changes;
- Vomiting;

Among the most severe adverse reactions that may appear while following a Netromycin therapy, allergic reactions are characterized by swelling of:
- Breathing difficulties caused by a closed throat;
- Fever and skin affections such as rashes and hives;
- Lips or tongue;
- Neck;
- The face;

If at any point during your treatment you begin experiencing anything unusual you should immediately contact your supervising physician.

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