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Cephazolin can be a muscular injection or an intravenous injection.
Cephazolin is a sodium injection which is made up of semi synthetic cephalosporin.
Cephazolin works by counter-acting the cell-wall synthesis.

Cephazolin is prescribed for the inhibition of infections caused by the following:
- Enterobacter aerogenes;
- Escherichia coli;
- Klebsiella sp;
- Proteus mirabilis;
- Staphylococcus Aureus;
- Staphylococcus Epidermis;
- Streptococcus pneumoniae;

Cephazolin is prescribed for the treatment of infections in:
- Biliary infections;
- Bone and joint infections;
- Endocarditis;
- Genitourinary tract;
- Perioperative prohylaxis;
- Septicemia;
- Skin and skin suture infections;
- The respiratory tract;

Side Effects

The side effects associated with Cephazolin administration are not yet established but if you experience anything out of the ordinary when taking Cephazolin, immediately seek your doctor"s advice.


In some countries Cephazolin may also be known as:
- Azolin;
- Brizolina;
- Cefacidal;
- Cefalomicina;
- Cefamezin;
- Ceftrat;
- Cezolin;
- Cizo;
- Cloviz;
- Duocef;
- Equizolin;
- Fazol;
- Fazolon;
- Fonvicol;
- Iespor;
- Ilozef;
- Intrazolina;
- Intrazoline;
- Kefzol;
- Lupex;
- Maksiporin;
- Maxcep;
- Megacef;
- Orizolin;
- Oryant;
- Otsuka Cez;
- Recef;
- Servazolin;
- Sicef;
- Totacef;
- Vulmizolin;
- Zefa;
- Zofadep;
- Zolicef;
- Zolin;
- Zolival;

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