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The information for patients.

That it is necessary to know about antibiotics.

A little history.

During millenia the mankind has been subject to infectious diseases which carried away millions lives and were a principal cause of death. In 1929 the English microbiologist A.Fleming has opened the first antibiotic - penicillin. It began one of the most oustanding opening XX century. The new era in biology and drug - an era of antibiotics began. Since 40th years the medical products killing or interfering growth of microorganisms, have widely come in medical practice. Ability of antibiotics successfully to struggle with infectious diseases, before considered fatally dangerous, has been perceivedas panacea. However, soon after the beginning of use of antibiotics physicians have faced with a problem - the bacteria tolerant to their action began to appear. Unfortunately, every year the number microorganisms steadily grows. In many respects it is connected by that, overlooking about the care, many people apply antibiotics under own discretion.

Antibiotics prescription.

That it is necessary to know, if you are going to apply antibiotics prescription:
Antibiotics are effective only at bacterial infectious diseases, that is at diseases which activators are bacteria.

The majority of the population of Russia has antibiotics in the domestic first-aid sets and applies them independently at flu diseases, rise in temperature, frustration of intestines, that not only is completely senseless and is useless, but also harmful.

Antibiotics are useless to apply at:

1. A flu - these conditions are caused by viruses, on which antibiotics do not render any action;

2. To the raised temperature - antibiotics are not febrifugal and anesthetizing prescriptions;

3. Inflammatory processes - antibiotics have no anti-inflammatory action;

4. Cough - there is a set of the reasons of cough: virus infections, an allergy, the bronchial asthma, the raised sensitivity of bronchial tubes an environment both many others, and only small share of cough is connected to microorganisms;

5. Frustration of intestines - it is absolutely not necessary, that the given condition is an attribute of an intestinal infection. Infringement of a chair many reasons, starting from simple intolerance of any product and finishing food when in an organism the activator gets not, and developed it can cause toxin. Besides it is necessary to note, that the majority of intestinal infections are caused by viruses, but even if the activator - bacteria application of antibiotics quite often increases duration of disease;

6. To apply antibiotics it is necessary under strict indications and only then when the doctor will establish the diagnosis of an infectious disease.

All prescriptions of this class, unfortunately, are not universal and completely not harmless. Each antibiotic has the spectrum of action, i.e. operates only on the certain microorganisms sensitive to it. Only the doctor can define, what antibiotic is necessary at this or that disease.

Antibiotics online.

Self-treatment by antibiotics promotes distribution of infections (for example, a syphilis). Independent application of antibiotics can result in attributes of disease, and it will be very difficult (if at all probably) to reveal. Especially it is actual at suspicion on a sharp stomach when life of the patient depends on the correct and in due time put diagnosis. Inefficient treatment by an antibiotic can result in chronic current of diseases (a gonorrhoea, a clamidiosis, intestinal infections).

Only the doctor can define a necessary dose and duration of application of an antibiotic.

Despite of the detailed instructions accompanying practically all medical products, there are many factors which can be taken into account only by the doctor. So, the small doze or a short rate can result in development of stability of a microorganism to an antibiotic, and in this case treatment will need to be begun anew. It is necessary to remember, that improvement of state of health or decrease of temperature are not the basis for a cancellation of an antibiotic as only full course of treatment can result in recovery.

Excess of a doze or too long rate can render toxic action on an organism. Besides many people suffer diseases of heart, a liver, kidneys, nervous system, a diabetes, etc. are compelled to accept other drugs practically constantly. Only the doctor can take into account possible interactions between prescriptions and pick up the most safe for the given person an antibiotic.

To apply antibiotics follows under supervision of the doctor and it is necessary to inform it any changes of state of health on a background of treatment.

At a choice of an antibiotic it is necessary to take into account also possible side effects which are at each prescription, in fact there are no drugs without side effects. It is an allergy, individual intolerance, toxic action on kidneys, a liver, blood and many other things. In most cases collateral actions of drugs meet seldom. Nevertheless, serious companies - manufacturers of drugs always specify possible undesirable changes in a condition of the patient even if they, probably, have not been connected to this prescription. Only the doctor can estimate the true risk connected to application of a concrete prescription; in case of occurrence of side effects to solve the problem on continuation of treatment, a cancellation of a prescription or purpose of additional treatment.

It is INADMISSIBLE to apply prescriptions with the expired working life.

At the delayed prescriptions the probability of occurrence of side effects considerably increases. It is very difficult to foresee, as the prescription of will conduct in an organism. The drug with the expired working life renders more harm, than advantage.

Especially cautiously it is necessary to apply antibiotics at children pregnant and feeding women;

It is necessary to know, that many widely widespread and popular antibiotics among the population (tetracycline, doxycycline, etc.) are forbidden for application for children pregnant and feeding women. They render toxic action on a fruit and the child.

Free sale of antibiotics in the Internet is yet an occasion for the thoughtless attitude to them. These are prescriptions which need to be applied under STRICT indications and ONLY to destination the doctor! Do not try to be treated independently, trusting only to instructions to a prescription and medical guides!